Traffic On The Front Porch...

The traffic on the front porch today was a welcome surprise.  My husband left to run some errands in the foothills and the kids were scattered in two different directions.  Many people know that I am laid up for several weeks, minor foot surgery, so I am using the porch as a place to heal.  I prop my foot up on my wicker table, grab a good book, my Ipad and my cell phone, in case I need help.

If the front porch is all about connecting people into community then today it met its mark.  One of my favorite couples in the world stopped by with their little girl, flowers and a bottle of wine in hand.  Little did they know that just hours before their arrival I had been praying for such a visit.

What started out as a quick visit turned into an all day event, my heart was filled with joy as we laughed and reminisced about the past and dreamed about our future, history was the trademark and glue that held our relationship together, a common bond of faith as well,  individually and as couples for all these years.  

The smell of friendship was in the air as another car pulled up, filled with more of my favorite peeps and mutual friends to those already there.  The smiles on the faces of my friends as the made eye contact with each other melted my heart, “this is what the front porch is all about.”

Hours passed as we giggled together, I found myself almost in tears, thanking God for the conversations and connections that were occurring in the moment.  All was well with my soul as I found deep appreciation in the way God can use the pain of having to be broken to bring healing to not just my foot but to my heart. 

The traffic on my front porch is proof that we are called to live in community starting with one conversation at a time.  


  1. Have you ever wondered if God could use your brokenness to bring people together?
  2. Have you ever allowed God to use your broken places to bring peace to people?
  3. Have you ever let yourself rest in those broken places, trusting the process of healing?

I never thought in a million years that I could be OK with being still.  Today, I am learning by relying on His leading that by allowing myself to use my broken pieces to bring peace to other peoples places that I no longer pray "God take it away" but instead "use me to help connect others into community either for a reason, season or a life time."  I believe without reservation that two are better than one and that to be a catalyst for these connections is what helps me walk through my own personal healing.

Just for today, listen more, talk less and pause on purpose before you respond.  Use those pockets of pauses to let the spirit lead you into connecting others into community, one conversation at a time.  Watch how you too can become a catalyst for community and realize that The Front Porch is more about an attitude rather then a place.


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