Life Changes On A Dime

   Will something have to die first before something comes to life?  I feel my faith slowly slipping through my fingers.  The things I use to believe “because” are coming to an end. 

  It feels like a flip of the coin or the toss of a switch.  When in fact the process of transformation has been years in the coming.  

  I must find others to talk to and walk with because my life experiences in the flesh and spirit really did happen and I was In hell and now I am not.  
  I feel so lost at times yet right at home in my “getting lost,” in my looking for more.  I am not giving up or giving in to quitting my race but I think it is changing me, as I am transitioning again.

  Learning to let go of my children and trust my creator through this process.  
What then do I pray for?  What then do I say?

  I pray for me to be calm, peaceful and kind.  I pray to see the good in all people and that I will not do for others what they could do for themselves and I pray that I would know the difference.  

  I pray for my marriage to be strong as we transition together, become whole as we approach the end of one season and the beginning of another.  

God, I want to tell you thank you.  Thank you for your never ever changing love. For leaving lots of space for questions and for conversations.  Thank you for the freedom you have given me through free will.  Help me please not to become hard, cynical or sarcastic in regards to others and their religious views.

Thank You For Letting Me Share


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