Life Lessons Learned From Leaning Into My Life

1.  Hurt people hurt people.
2. To feel loved I must love.
3.  Jesus loves me this I know for my community tells me so.
4.  Doing for others what they can do for themselves is not HELP!
5.  Strengths and struggles make for a successful life.
6.  Joy and shame both produce vulnerability and feel prickly.
7.  I do not need to fear the un-known.
8.  Grandchildren bring peace to my soul.
9.  There is power in imperfection.
10.  Understanding is birthed in silence.
11.  Love is an action.
12.  Busyness will rob me of intimacy with God and others.
13.  I am enough.
14.  Change is what I can count on.
15.  Listening well builds trust and creditability.
16.  Asking good questions allows people to be heard and stories to be shared.
17. Pausing on purpose through conversations helps me understand and connect.
18.  Two are better than one.
19.  I am brave, bold and beautiful.
20.  Life lessons are learned when I am willing to listen.
21.  People are amazing.
22.  Everyone has a voice.
23. Dreams are not just for kids.
24.  Change cost greatly.
25.  Pulling away allows for pouring in.
26.  Success is sweetest when found in the silence.
27.  Learning something new everyday keeps me young.
28.  Asking great questions is a good thing.
29.  My faith is ever evolving.
30.  Maturity does not happen over night.
31.  Strong marriages come from couples who choose to stay in the struggle.
32.  Giving up does not always mean I have failed.
33.  Pumpkin farmers live by faith.
34.  Living well means letting go.

Thank you for letting me share.

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