Whispers From The Heart of God...

  “I know you feel like this is too much for your heart to handle.  I can feel you wanting to shut down.  You can do this!  Love her enough to let her go.  Let her find her why and her way.

  It is time for her to learn to rely more on me and less on you.  She will find faith in the middle of her struggle.  Trust the process.  I feel your pain, I feel your lose.  I will give you the strength to let her go.

  The secret to letting her go well is the way you choose to gently speak.  The by-product of a gentle answer is joy, discernment and wisdom.  She will carry that with her wherever she goes. 

  This is not about you anymore but all about her.  The time has come and your little girl is no longer your little girl.  I will not leave you as you release her.

  She is not rejecting you rather embracing the life I created her to live.  I promise you this, done right, she will come back.  I created her to fly just like you.

  Can you remember the first time you spread your wings and flew?  Hold tight to that memory that is where she is.  A save place to land now and then, you can offer her just that space.

  It will not be easy, you will be weary and you will become weak but come to me and I will give you  rest. 
  She is brave, bold and beautiful just like her mama.

Love Your

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