Spots and Lines

Spots and lines add character not distractions.  I look in the mirror and peer closer into the reflection.  I see tiny lines appearing around my eyes and lips as well as brown circles on my nose and cheeks.  My face is a good indication of a life I have lived.

My grandmother Price called them laugh lines, she laughed a lot.  I do not like how the media tries to get me to believe I am less beautiful because of my lines and spots.  When in fact I believe if woman would embrace their lines and spots as like I saw my grandmother do, we would all be much happier with ourselves. 

A false sense of holding on to our youth by hiding our spots and lines is what or world has come too, at least in the American culture. 

This is where I have learned to apply rule # 6.  What is rule #6? “Don’t take life to seriously?  I look in the mirror, smile, but seriousness is not what I am aiming for, more like the real me.

Learning to become more secure with who I am as a woman who is aging has taught me to embrace the beauty of life experiences that cannot come with youthfulness. 

Questions, when did aging become a negative occurance?  Aging means I am still alive, the alternative could be worse, right?  I am always encouraged when I meet older woman who are not trying to hide their flaws but rather clebebrate their imperfections.

I don’t want to be a woman in my 60’s who looks like I am trying to be 30 again which means I must practice what I preach now to reach what I want later.  Authentic beauty is what I am aiming for as I embrace my lines and spots. 

I love my lines and spots.  They bring me comfort and memories of a childhood lived out in the desert an on the beach.  It was a time where sunscreen was more of an option then a requirement and baby oil was worn like a pair of sunglasses. 

Could you have changed my mind back in my youth, no, never?  What choice do I have today?  I can either curse the consensuses or celebrate the memories.  I choose to celebrate. 

I refuse to buy into the marking message that tries to sell beauty in a bottle, making people drool over the young, skinny blonde models that have not yet experienced life, no liens, circles or flaws. 

True beauty my friend is not about an age but about courage to embrace ones imperfections and all and stand up against a system that tries to hide what I choose to celebrate.  My lines and spots they make me real

Spots and lines are not distractions but rather attractions when we embrace the real deal.

Thank you for letting me share.


Beth Talbert said...

BRAVO....Proverbs 31:30

Chaplain Cris Nole said...

Thank you Beth. Was just thinking about you,hope all is going well.