Reaching In Instead Of Running Away...

Sometimes life is so heavy I just want to run away.  Have you ever felt like that?  I believe God has given us the ability to reach in and pull from places so deep inside our soul that we do not even know they exist until we need them. Inner strength comes when we feel like we just cannot go on anymore.  For me,  I cry out, "God help me."  And sometimes I do not even have that much in me to cry out, yet it never amazes me that the one who created me is right there by my side regardless of my cry. 
This strength  could come in a package of stillness, silence, listening, giving up, giving in, the list goes on. However, when I stay in the moment and use my God given ability to dig deep down. When I step back and look at my ability to be aware of my awareness, I can relax and release and live in the now. That is the teaching of the ancient ways." Do not worry about tomorrow, look at the birds and the flowers in the fields."
Today I am choosing to trust what God has placed within me. This inner strength that is deep, that strength that I can draw out at any time. A strength that is hidden for times when I feel like giving up. I am grateful that my creator knew exactly what he was doing when he formed me in my mother’s womb.  Today I am grateful that instead of running away I can reach in and meet my maker right where he exists.
Have a beautiful today my blogging friends.

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