Brain Strain...

Have you ever had a brain strain?  In a world where information overload is a given and mind medication is taken more like a supplement, I think it is time to slow down and step away from what can cause the brain to strain.  Over stimulation is one of the number one causes of mental madness. 

As a result, I have come to believe that just because I am capable of holding a lot of information, does not mean I should.  Anymore then sitting down and gulping down a gallon of ice cream, just because I can.  Only after stepping away from social media did I realize the effect it was having on my own peace of mind.

In fact, just a few days into the disconnecting and I already feel a difference in my mental state and spirit. There is a peace in my mind as I live in the moment and dream about the future, one that does not consist of following a post, filling in an update or catching up on yesterday's rants.

I also made the decision to disconnect my email from my phone for the summer. This is putting me in control over what will come into my mind and when I will allow it.  I feel my brain taking a breath of fresh air as I put a stop to all the information coming at me.  There is a sweet silence hovering over my mind.  As I have even asked others not to share the post the put up or the walls they have read.

Furthermore, it has become evident that the brain strain caused my mind to turn to mush and my hobby became a habit. Checking the walls of cyber space more then the walls of my heart, was just another reason why I chose to step away from media and enjoy this season of rest and renewal.  Like spring cleaning for my house, or fasting food for my body, this is a type of de-clutter for my mind.

Three months seems like a long time to go without until I look at all I gain.  I can feel my brain sighing with relief and my heart beating gentler as I fold into my convictions.  It is hard to live in authentic community when I am more focused on face book rather then the faces in front of me. Just because my brain is capable of holding much, does not mean my mind needs to. 


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