Transformation Of The Front Porch...

The transformation of the front porch became a safe place to connect into community.  Only when people are willing to listen more and talk less do they feel safe.   The circle of friends leaning in and listening well provided for an environment of connecting at a deep level that happens when the human spirit experiences a safe place.

The faith that you have, keep between yourself and God. “(Romans 14:22 ESV)
This was the verse I had read just read moments prior to the gathering on the front porch.  I do not believe God was telling me to shut up but I am confident in the fact that he was prompting me to listen well and talk less.

As people started pulling up in their cars and preparing to join me on the porch, I allowed what I had just read to make a home in my heart.  Note to self, “keep my faith to myself, keep my intentions in check and know that people feel safe when people feel heard.”  Intentional listening had to become the driving force for the transformation to take place. 

For this reason, I led with my silence and spoke from my heart.  Not telling people how to listen but showing them how to be silent.  The natural tendency for the crowd to converse while others tried to communicate slowly stopped. 

A beautiful dialogue took place between a community of believers who showed up to share as everyone chose to lean in and listen.  As a result of the choice to listen well and talk less, people connected at a deep level and community happened.  Souls felt safe enough to share and the front porch became a sanctuary for our Sunday morning fellowship.

Thank you all who come to the front porch, who choose to be transparent and authentic as we gather and grow together, for a reason, season or a lifetime.  Two are better than one, we are created for community and that is the heart of the front porch.

Cris Nole
The Front Porch

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